And You Thought August Was Boring

In light of the fact that I consider August to be a relatively low-key month, I did some research and found myself oddly surprised at how many weird holidays actually occur this month. Once I reached August 8th on the calendar, I knew I had to share my findings. Let’s begin with August’s monthly titles. … Continue reading

Five Experiences I Would Like to Have

I’ve been doing some thinking the last few days and it has taken me to some interesting places (in my opinion at least). Today, I sat down and wrote out a short list in an attempt to organize my aforementioned thoughts. Five Experiences I Would Like to Have 1. I would like to hear an … Continue reading

Why Am I Conscious Right Now?

There’s nothing like ranting about life in suburbia to start off a Thursday. Let’s get this show on the road. The water is going to be off for 12 hours today. 12. I would like to shower before it’s time to sleep again, but hey, worthless construction would dictate otherwise. Al’s needed a bigger store … Continue reading

I Know This Because Tyler Knows This: The Wisdom of Tyler Durden

Well, this is technically the first post with any substance that I’m putting up. That last post was just a filler until I could put something better up. That being said, here goes nothing. I’m sure many of you, however few are actually reading this, have seen the movie Fight Club. The movie is pretty good, … Continue reading

While You Wait

I’m posting a few pictures I’ve messed with in GIMP for lack of better post content. Please note; I never said they were good  (neither have I rights to them), I just said I’ve messed with them.