And You Thought August Was Boring

In light of the fact that I consider August to be a relatively low-key month, I did some research and found myself oddly surprised at how many weird holidays actually occur this month. Once I reached August 8th on the calendar, I knew I had to share my findings. Let’s begin with August’s monthly titles. … Continue reading

Five Experiences I Would Like to Have

I’ve been doing some thinking the last few days and it has taken me to some interesting places (in my opinion at least). Today, I sat down and wrote out a short list in an attempt to organize my aforementioned thoughts. Five Experiences I Would Like to Have 1. I would like to hear an … Continue reading

Why Am I Conscious Right Now?

There’s nothing like ranting about life in suburbia to start off a Thursday. Let’s get this show on the road. The water is going to be off for 12 hours today. 12. I would like to shower before it’s time to sleep again, but hey, worthless construction would dictate otherwise. Al’s needed a bigger store … Continue reading

I Know This Because Tyler Knows This: The Wisdom of Tyler Durden

Well, this is technically the first post with any substance that I’m putting up. That last post was just a filler until I could put something better up. That being said, here goes nothing. I’m sure many of you, however few are actually reading this, have seen the movie¬†Fight Club. The movie is pretty good, … Continue reading

While You Wait

I’m posting a few pictures I’ve messed with in GIMP for lack of better post content. Please note; I never said they were good ¬†(neither have I rights to them), I just said I’ve messed with them.